• Non-Traditional Surveying

    We utilize a non-traditional way of surveying your customers that allows us to get more accurate results, and more customer participation.

  • Target Marketing

    Based on survey results, our system allows you to directly target market back to your customers. No more shotgun style advertising.

  • Promotion Integration

    Our system allows you to take a standard promotion you are running currently, or an entirely new promotion, and integrate it with a survey, giving more value added to upper management.

  • Online Account Access

    Online account management is something that is becoming expected. Our system can allow your customers to keep their profile updated without having to stop by the loyalty desk.

  • Player Development

    Player Development has a proven track record, but it's impossible to give this type of service to your entire customer based. Or is it? We believe our system offers the same type of service that your player development staff does, in a digital way.

  • Reporting

    Monthly reports allow you to make educated business decisions. Survey results, hotel booking totals, conversion rates, etc.

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